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Breathtaking wilderness and virgin forests

Often referred to as the last great wilderness in Europe, Transylvania is home to many wild, untouched and biodiverse natural wonders. From the great forests of the Carpathian Mountains with its dense woodlands where brown bears, wolves and rare lynxes roam freely, to rolling wildflower meadows, crystal clear glacier lakes and fascinating bird life. Explore on foot, horseback, bike or in the comfort of a horse-drawn carriage, led by our expert local guides.

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Feel the ground beneath your feet or relax in a horse driven carriage as you explore the beautiful Transylvanian countryside. Get even closer by taking a bird watching tour with a professional guide and ornithologist,  organised for you on request.

Cross-country cycling tours

on manual or electric bikes (electric bikes available for adults only)

Advanced Tours For those who like a challenge and do not mind the charm of uneven field roads and sometimes steep climbs, this tour will reward you with breathtaking views and take you through the beautiful forests and pastures in the valley and across the hills to the picturesque village of Mălâncrav. Best known for its church that contains a medieval altar and some of the best-preserved painted frescoes in Transylvania, today Mălâncrav is home to the largest Saxon population still living in the country. The tour starts with a bike fitting and safety session at 9.30am. Picnic lunch will be served around 1.30pm, before support vehicles will take you back us back to Bethlen Estates for arrival at 3pm. Beginners Tours – suitable for children A comfortable and family-friendly tour that will take you on gravel roads with very gentle uphill sections. Later on, the gravel will change to grass and field roads and after a short climb into the forest, you will arrive in a lush meadow with a splendid view over the surrounding valley and villages. The tour starts with a bike fitting and safety session at 9.30am. Picnic lunch will be served at around 1pm before cycling back to Bethlen Estates for arrival at 3pm.
add lunch picnic for €10-€15

Cross-country horseback riding excursion

(for experienced riders)

Enjoy the Transylvanian wilderness in the saddle of the gentle but sturdy horses from our partners at Villa Abbatis Equestrian Center. A mix of Lippizzaner breed and sport horses, that are trained and groomed at the highest level. The tour starts with a safety session at 10am. Picnic lunch will be served at around 1pm, before support vehicles will take you back us back to Bethlen Estates for arrival at 3pm. Please note that we require that all riders taking part in the tour are able to walk/trot and canter competently.
1,5 - 3 hrs ride
9 hrs (all day ride), lunch and cultural program

Horse carriage rides

The tour starts either in the morning or in the afternoon taking you in a traditional horse carriage to explore the scenic valleys around Bethlen Estates. At lunch-time a picnic will be waiting for you in the middle of a wonderful meadow, with hot soup boiling in a shepherd’s kettle hung over an open fire. You will fry your own bacon to eat with home-made bread and try Transylvanian pastry for dessert. A selection of home-made brandies of Bethlen Estates will round up this unique experience.
Ride and picnic

Sightseeing tours

Discover UNESCO World Heritage Sites, medieval churches and picturesque towns and villages of the region. Peter and his team at “Wanderlust” will bring you closer to the unique culture of Transylvania. They offer daily trips as well as half-day excursions, including a lunch break in a traditional inn or a picnic among flowering meadows. The guides are fluent in English, German, Romanian, French and Hungarian. The half day tour starts at 10am and ends at around 1pm, while the full day tour starts at 10am and ends at around 3pm.
price upon request


You will be taken on a tour to the local “Breite”, a centuries-old oak reserve a few kilometers from the estate. Ornithologist Cosmin Moga will give you the opportunity to enjoy a spectacular natural habitat and spotting owls, woodpeckers, buzzards and other birds of prey as well as rare plants and butterflies in the surrounding meadows. Lunch will be taken at a local inn or a picnic in the meadows. The tour starts at 10am and ends at 4pm.

Snowshoe walking

(Group size: 2-10 persons)

Snowshoeing is the easiest way to move in winter and reach remote places even in deep snow. This tour will take you to some of the region’s most peaceful mountain tops through fragrant pine forests in the Harghita mountain (1h30 hour drive from the estate). The tours are fully guided and there is a variety of trails to suit all ages and abilities. You will be equipped with snowshoes, gaiters and ski poles, so you just put on some warm layers of clothing and some boots and you will be ready to go. Upon request the tours can be customized according to the group’s needs. We also offer pick-up and transport to the start of the 1-day-tour.
price upon request

Fishing on the Dam of Zeta

Fishing is permitted on the lake every day of the year (in the mountain torrents there will be an opportunity for fishing on Saturday and Sunday). You’ll be able to fish for a number of species, including bullhead, trout, grayling, pike, bass, carp, Prussian carp and bleak. The Dam of Zeta is not a fishing-pond in the strict sense of the word. Here the fish eat and multiply under natural circumstances. Primarily twirling and fly-fishing are the most effective techniques, but of course fisherman’s luck is also needed!
price upon request


Enjoy on-site massages with professional masseur Marcel Ferezan, and choose from following treatments:

Relax: EUR 30 (50 minutes), EUR 25 (30 minutes)
Therapeutic: EUR 30 (50 minutes), EUR 25 (30 minutes)
Kyropractic: EUR 30 (50 minutes), EUR 25 (30 minutes)
(due to Covid restrictions there are currently no massages)


Professional yoga lessons with Mirela Burlacu can be arranged.
(due to Covid restrictions there are currently no yoga lessons)

price upon request


Only an hour’s drive from the estate, on some 40.000 acres of hunting grounds, which is home to bears, wild boars, and red deer.
price upon request

Oldtimer tours (coming soon)

Enjoy the Transylvanian landscape in one of our very own vintage cars. Whether you wish to cruise on nearby country roads on a sunny day, enjoy a fast ride to visit fortified churches and towns, explore the valley on a classic 4×4 or plan a leisurely family trip, we have the right car for every occasion.
You may choose from the following cars:
The Gentleman: 1969 Mercedes 280 SL “Pagode” convertible: 8 hours / 4 hours
The Driving Machine: 1973 BMW: 3,0 CSI 8 hours / 4 hours
The Explorer: 1968 Land Rover Series II: 8 hours / 4 hours

price upon request

Hiking tours

Guided by Peter or a member of his team you will be offered an unforgettable tour through villages and breath-taking nature. All tours include the visit of medieval towns and villages around Criș, such as Mâlâncrav or Florești, as well as glimpses into local cuisine, crafts, history and authentic tradition. The tour starts at 9am and will end at 4pm. Full day tours include picnic lunch.

Explore Transylvania

Whether you’re interested in combining nature and wildlife with culture, gastronomy, riding or cycling, our team can help create a bespoke itinerary to ensure you make the most of your stay. Contact us to discuss your itinerary.

Still looking for things to do? Discover the cultural heritage of Transylvania

Dive into the spirit of the medieval fortified churches and the Saxon built heritage. Short excursions or one-day tours: make your choice

Cancellations due to Covid-19

Cancellations due to restrictions imposed because of the Covid-19 pandemic, such as lockdowns and travel restrictions, will be fully refunded.

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