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Our guests can opt to enjoy leisurely breakfasts and traditional evening meals in the privacy of their guesthouse or in our rustic communal Kitchen Barn, where our head chef Robert whips up rural Transylvanian fare from a seasonal menu matched with the very best local Transylvanian wines. Most of our ingredients are sourced from local farmers, with fruit and vegetables coming straight from our family’s orchards, farmland and forests.


The Kitchen Barn - Fine Dining

Open for hearty breakfasts, light lunches, delectable dinners, early evening tipples and leisurely nightcaps, our Kitchen Barn is at the heart of Bethlen Estates. Seating up to 24 guests, in warm weather the doors are flung open and tables spill out onto the terrace, while on cooler days the fire is lit and guests can cosy up and swap stories of adventures in the Transylvanian countryside.

Truffle hunting and picnic

The centuries-old forests of Transylvania are the perfect habitat for both the black summer and winter truffles that can be found from May through August and between September and December, respectively. You will be accompanied by experienced guides and their well-trained truffle dogs.
The tour starts at 10am and will take you into the forests of the Bethlen Estates. Picnic will be served at around 1pm and you will return to Bethlen Estates at 3pm. In the evening, chef Robert will prepare dinner with the freshly found truffles from the day’s hunt.

Wine Tasting

In the atmospheric original cellars of Count Janos Bethlen’s Manor House in Cris, this is a unique opportunity for sample delicious wines and our home-made brandies using pears and apples from our own orchards, accompanied by some home-made bread, local cheeses and sausages. Among others you will taste white wines from nearby Cetatea de Balta (Kukullovar, Kokelburg). A former Bethlen castle, today it houses one of the largest wineries in the country, producing splendid white wines. A selection of red wines from Bordeaux will round up the experience.

The wine tasting starts at 4pm and ends at 6pm.

Cookery Class with our chef Robert

There are a few key ingredients which characterise Transylvanian food, and which are seldom found in other parts of the country, such as rhubarb, horseradish, tarragon and garlic. Transylvanian gastronomy is a great mixture of several nationalities: Hungarians, Saxons (Germans), Romanians, Turks, Armenians and more, which means the local cuisine is influenced by many different flavours and cooking styles. Western European influence also features heavily in the historical cookbooks traditionally used by the Hungarian noble families in Transylvania for many centuries. A cooking class with our chef Robert will introduce you to the many influences that make Transylvanian cuisine what it is today. Robert promises an authentic Transylvanian experience which champions the rich history and heritage of the region, and adds an element of playfulness and creativity. “Bon appétit”! The cooking course starts at 4pm and ends at 6pm.

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