Untamed beauty
Cultivate stillness and rediscover the beauty of simply being, in the heart of wild Transylvania
A life well lived
Embrace the richness of the present moment in our exquisitely restored guesthouses
Authentic Experiences
Traditional feasts, knowledgeable guides and local experts to take you to the heart of Transylvania
Stewards of history
Welcome to the idyllic corner of Transylvania our family has called home since 1305
Terroir is our playground
Experience the imaginative cuisine that pays tribute to seasons and traditions
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What is awaiting you?

Breathtaking wilderness and virgin forests in Transylvania

Europe’s last great wilderness with vast forests, unspoiled medieval villages, spectacular UNESCO world heritage sites, friendly and hospitable people. Don’t miss the chance to embark on an unforgettable journey to Romania’s enchanting Transylvania. Reserve your Transylvania holidays today.

Transylvania holidays caretakers house Bethlen estates

Our Guesthouses for Transylvania holidays 

A sense of style and well-being

Indulge in the epitome of luxury during your Romania holidays in Transylvania. Our guests can choose from three immaculately restored 300-year-old residences, each distinct in style but completed to the same high standards. On the outside, each façade has been sympathetically restored to its former glory, while inside we have created a stylish and contemporary take on rural living that blends old with new, ensuring our guests have everything they need for a relaxed and memorable stay in an authentic Transylvanian abode

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A sense of freedom

Holidays in Romania. Many call the great forests of the Carpathian Mountains in Transylvania the last great wilderness in Europe. From dense greenery and rare wildlife, to glacier lakes and far-reaching views, there are endless possibilities to connect with nature as you immerse yourself in one of the world’s best-preserved ecosystems. Get ready to forge a profound connection with nature as you create lasting memories during your Romania holidays in Transylvania.

Cycling tours

Horseback riding

Horse carriage rides

Sightseeing tours

Ecological-cultural tours

Snowshoe walking






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Transylvania holidays Romania tourism

Attractions – Romania holidays in Transylvania

A sense of culture

From medieval fortified churches, to charming Saxon architecture and fairytale citadels, Transylvania’s cultural heritage is on our doorstep. Choose from our range of half and full day excursions led by our expert guides. Make your choice and enjoy your holidays in Transylvania.


Kreisch, Keresd

Birthalm, Berethalom

Schaßburg, Segesvar

Mediasch, Medgyes

Hermannstadt, Nagyszeben

Transalpina Road

Transfagarasan Road

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